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Psychic & Tarot Readings

With Over 12 Years In Experience Our Readings Will Be Able To Tell You Past Present And Future  Helping You Avoid Negative Obstacles Being Able To Move Forward In Your Career And Guiding You Through Your Love  Family Emotions Health Will We Be Able To Get You On Your Right Path Today!

Medium Session

As A Medium & A Psychic Clairvoyant (Which Means Clear-Seeing) We Can See Spirits And Images That They Show Us We Are Also Clairaudient (Which Means Clear-Hearing) So We Can Hear Them Speaking To Us Telepathically We Are Able To Help You Have Closure And To Connect With Love Ones 

Vedic Astrology Charts & Readings

Vedic Astrology Also Known As Indian Astrology How It Works Is That Through Your Name And Birthdate We Are Able To Tell You The  Patterns Of  Your Life  That Are To Determine Your Destiny Bringing Clarity  To You Helping You Understand Why And What They Planet Alignment Has To Do With You Love Life Marriage Friends Family Health  & Career

Charka Light Therapy 

 What Are Charkas? Charkas Are Energy's In Our Body They Have Emotional Spiritual Psychical & Mental Connection To Us They Need To Be Align Balanced Opened & In-Tune Otherwise We Feel Confused Struggling Out Of  Place In Our Love Life Emotions Thoughts Can Be Over Whelming We Can Feel Stuck  Having Difficulty  Focusing Ect, So Book An Appoint Today!

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Aura Cleansing

Help's Cleanse Your Mind Body & Spirit Attract Positive Energy And People In Your Life 

Healing Packages

Charka Balance Kits 

Home Cleasing Kits




Past Life Regression

Our Past Life Readings Will Help You Have A True And Deeper Understanding Of Your Self Remove Negative Obstacles

Allowing You To Move Forward


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